Having Stubborn Dandruff, Here's What You Need To Know

Ouch, white flakes from the head aka dandruff, do not stop falling on the shoulders. Especially if you happen to be wearing dark colored clothes, of course dandruff is increasingly clear. Some say dandruff appears because they are lazy to wash their hair or rub off from others. But, what exactly is the cause of dandruff and how to overcome it? Dandruff comes from dead skin cell fragments on the head that fall on the shoulders or other surfaces, such as tables. Dandruff is often accompanied by itching, so you want to keep scratching your head. Various Conditions Causing Dandruff Everyone can experience dandruff. But this condition is more often experienced by young adult men, especially those with oily hair and scalp. Conversely scalp that is too dry, can also cause dandruff. In addition, if you choose wrong, the shampoo you use can actually be a cause or make the dandruff worse. If you suddenly get dandruff, don't accuse your friends or family members of passing dandruff to
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